Things to do in the garden route

Surrounding Area

Wilderness is said to be the Jewel of the Garden Route, as it is surrounded by natural, untouched beauty.

Whether you’re into just relaxing and viewing the beauty or if you want to experience an adventure, then our surrounding area won’t disappoint!

Activities range from guided tours or self-tours, water sports, paragliding, horse riding, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, trail running, whale watching, kayaking, birding, etc…the list is really endless.

garden route lakes and rivers
garden route many activities

Adventure awaits

Garden Route offers many exciting and relaxing activities. For the kite surfing enthusiast, conditions are excellent with cross onshore winds,  all sizes of waves, long down winders and warm waters.

Choose your favourite spots for fishing the clean, fresh rivers, lakes, lagoons and the ocean..Garden Route offers prestine, tranquil, plentiful and safe areas for both fresh water and sea water fishing.

For the Energetic

The beautiful tranquil rivers and lakes are ideal for stand up paddle-boarding and canoeing.

Wilderness is on the map for hang-gliding and paragliding with many launch spots flying for miles along the constant coastal lift, or the forested mountains just minutes away. .

Are you into Game viewing or bird-watching? well…bring your binoculars and comfortable clothing to come and experience true nature in our immediate surrounds within minutes of travel

Is hiking, trail running or mountain biking your thing? then this place doesn’t fail to please. There are numerous, scenic, safe and amazing treks you can take in and around our area – don’t forget to pack comfy shoes and sunscreen.


wilderness has many restaurants
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